Remember to breathe

Here’s my latest article on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News:


Remember to breathe

I was putting the finishing touches on my article for this week’s column when I paused to consider the headlines on McKnight’s right now.

Don’t be worried about Medicaid funding, be very afraid,” advises Editorial Director John O’Connor.

Staff Writer Emily Mongan alerts readers with these articles: “Access to nursing homes would dim under Republican proposal, AGS warns” and “Medicare could be next on Trump’s chopping block, experts say.”

In “The LTC industry should be ashamed,” guest columnist Buffy Howard admonishes long-term care leadership because their treatment of nursing staff is leading caring professionals to leave the field.

Reduced funding, departing staff members, widespread uncertainty in the industry … even the most stalwart individuals might feel uneasy. I’ve postponed my earlier topic to consider what I could say as a psychologist to help.

Perhaps you’ve heard the tale about the boss who yells at the worker, who comes home and grouses at his wife, who is short-tempered with her child, who kicks the dog. Anxiety can spread like that too, from CEO to administrator to supervisor to charge nurse to aide to resident.

In order to better face whatever is ahead — and to avoid causing panic in those around us — we can make an effort to be serene and centered. Below are some tried and true calming techniques to help you remain levelheaded despite unnerving times.

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Remember to breathe

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