Rethinking quality care: A long-term care psychologist’s perspective

Quality care is often considered from a medical perspective, with the focus on providing the best possible medical services. This is, of course, an essential element of the services provided in long-term care. But at a time when there’s a greater push for community care over nursing and rehabilitation centers, it’s worth rethinking what quality … Read more

Severely mentally ill residents: Staff training, teamwork needed

Severely mentally ill residents: Staff training, teamwork needed As I discussed in Severely mentally ill residents: A ‘perfect storm’ creates a SNF wave, long-term care has a growing population of severely mentally ill (SMI) residents, with the number of residents diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder approaching 20% in some states as of 2017.1 In … Read more

Young adults in long-term care

Anne Marie Barnett, in her June 10, 2008 guest column, wrote about the disruptive effects of younger residents on long-term care facilities. As a psychologist who has worked with many younger residents over the years, I’d like to offer my perspective and some suggestions about how to create an environment in which younger residents can … Read more