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Dr. Barbera provides talks, workshops, trainings and webinars for professionals, businesses, associations and for general audiences. Her informed, enthusiastic and humorous style sets a positive, hopeful tone that unites, educates and motivates audiences.

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Selected venues/conferences: LeadingAge Florida, MarcusEvans LTC and Senior Living CXO conference, ElderAbuseOntario, Connecticut Association of Healthcare Providers, Maine Health Care Association Assisted Living Conference, ECRI Institute, American Psychological Association, Activity Professionals of Ontario, Montana Certification Bureau, Louisiana Nurse Home Association — And More

Topics include:

Younger Adults in Nursing Homes: Understanding Our Interactions and Meeting Their Needs

Younger residents pose unique challenges to caregivers and can expose facilities to liability and regulatory risks. This talk delivers practical tools to improve care of younger residents, reduce risk exposures and enhance overall team functioning. Participants will gain valuable insights into interactions with residents of all ages. 

Trauma-Informed Care

CMS regulations require staff assessment, awareness and care planning for resident trauma. This session offers all your team needs to know about providing trauma-informed care in a manner that is sensitive to resident needs and staffing constraints while reducing the likelihood of trauma-related F-tags.

Behavioral Health in Long-Term Care

Many facilities are home to residents with behavioral health problems, yet staff members are frequently unsure how to manage their care. This talk addresses how to create systems and make the most of the behavioral health consultants and experts already on staff in order to minimize problems and improve mental health care.

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Other topics: The psychosocial needs of baby boomers, Dementia care without medication, Improving the effectiveness of the social work department, Motivating staff with “nudge” principles, Identifying and repairing communication gaps in LTC, Preventing staff burnout, Reducing turnover in LTC, Team-building — And More.

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