Join me for the ‘Relaxed Lane’ challenge!

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Join me for the ‘Relaxed Lane’ challenge!

Denise B. Scott, president of Drive Consulting, posted an intriguing story on LinkedIn the other day about a Scottish supermarket that partners with Alzheimer Scotland to help those with memory loss.

The workers are trained to understand how to help people with dementia, and the supermarket offers a “relaxed checkout lane” for seniors and others who might need a little extra time when paying for goods at the register.

On senior citizen discount day, the store posts a sign at the entry to the cashier’s line designating it as the “relaxed checkout lane,” allowing customers in a rush to go elsewhere. Those on the relaxed lane can check out slowly, without the pressure of worrying that someone behind them will get irritated.

The concept is so simple, easy and kind that I decided to ask my local supermarket if they’d join in.

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Join me for the ‘Relaxed Lane’ challenge!

For more info on how to set up a “Relaxed Lane” in your neighborhood, click HERE and see the video below.

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  1. What a great idea, especially for those trying to age in place. I’m in my 30’s and I find checking out at the grocery store a little stressful myself. I can’t imagine if I was needing to move more slowly to stay safe and balanced, handling coupons, or managing a tight budget.


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