Speaking & Workshops Develop management and staff competence with behavioral health issues through talks, workshops, trainings and webinars for professionals, businesses, associations and general audiences. Dr. Barbera’s informed, enthusiastic and humorous style sets a positive, hopeful tone that unites, educates and motivates audiences. For more info, click on Keynote and Speaking.

Family Coaching Get the help you need to navigate the challenges of caregiving. Dr. Barbera is an expert in calming family disagreements, managing stress and offering guidance with the many difficult decisions of this time of life. You don’t have to go it alone. Arrange a single phone conversation to get you and your family on track, or book a series of coaching calls for the reassurance of steady check-ins and support.

Consulting & Advising Obtain expert advice on the tailoring of your programs and services to better meet the behavioral health needs of elders and their caregivers. For effective, creative solutions to persistent organizational problems and to boost satisfaction of staff, residents and family members, contact Dr. Barbera.

Writing & Editing Breathe personal experience into your content and ensure it speaks to your audience. Combining her knowledge of the field with over twenty years of experience counseling elders, caregivers and staff, Dr. Barbera can transform dry missives and distressing subjects into an understandable communique that showcases the compassion and mission of your organization.

Please email, click on the contact page or call 718-218-DrEl (3537) to inquire about any of Dr. Barbera’s services.