Nursing Homes: Set Up a Skype Call Center for Holiday Cheer

Looking for a great, inexpensive way to create some good will and holiday cheer at the nursing home this year? Why not set up a call center using Skype? Residents, families, and staff members can sign up to call loved ones around the globe, conversing with them via video call.

What it would take:
  • A laptop or desk-top computer set up with FREE Skype
  • A semi-quiet, semi-private area for conversations
  • Tech support, or volunteers who know how to use Skype (for example. high school students or tech-savvy residents)
  • A pre-call information sheet for families so they can set up Skype on the computers of those they plan to call.
  • A sign-up sheet to maintain order in what is likely to be a wildly popular service

3 thoughts on “Nursing Homes: Set Up a Skype Call Center for Holiday Cheer”

  1. Dr. El,

    This is such an awesome idea! I can not wait to be able to do this with my residents. What a great way to spend time with the family when visiting is not possible.

  2. Enjoy, Sue. I'm sure it will be fun for you to be connecting them with their families and showing them the wonders of technology.


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