MORE Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

To add to last year’s post on Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents, here are more gift ideas to brighten the lives of loves ones in long-term care:
  • Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Kindle or other reader that allows for enlarging print
  • Cozy slippers or socks
  • Radio or portable audio player
  • Telephone and monthly service (if folks are going to call)
  • Sheets and pillow cases, for a homey touch
Great gifts from the heart:
  • Decorate the room for the holidays (electric candles only)
  • Go out to the movies
  • Go out to a restaurant, even if it’s just for coffee
  • Go on a holiday lights tour
  • Bring in your laptop to nursing homes with Internet access and make Skype calls to friends and relatives
  • Commit to doing the laundry on a weekly basis
  • Organize closets and dresser drawers

10 thoughts on “MORE Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents”

  1. Great ideas! We think the gift of time together is the best. This fits in right with a lot of your suggestions. The Skype idea is something we never thought of.

  2. You mentioned lotion and grooming products, so let me vote for some kind of lip balm. Winter is rough on lips with the heat being turned up and everyone's nose getting stuffy from the latest cold making the rounds.

    That said, my facility considers Carmex to be a "medication" but things like Lip Smackers or Chapstick are OK.

  3. AccuNurse, residents appreciate time with families and friends the most, and there are many ways to accomplish this, even if it's not possible to leave the facility for the day.

    K.Tree, thanks for the lip balm suggestion.

  4. Dr. El,

    I particularly like your Kindle suggestion (or similar). They have come down in price and virtually put the world of books at each resident's fingertips. I believe, however, the real benefit of an ereader is the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen which is extremely helpful for the visually impaired. This feature may allow someone who can not see well enough to read to once again enjoy books.
    After reviewing your suggestions from last year, I would like to add a talking watch for the visually impaired. There are several that are available that can be purchased very inexpensively. The residents who I have bought these watches for, have absolutely loved them. Also, for people that like them, puzzle books are always welcome; word finds are many of my residents' favorites.

    Although a little off the topic, our recreation department maintains a large collection of unused donated greeting cards (including Christmas and holiday cards) for residents. Many residents enjoy the ability to send loved ones cards during the holidays, and are able to do so at no cost to them.

  5. Dr. El,

    I failed to mention my favorite electronic of all, Apple's iPad. Ebook readers put the world of books at your fingertips, the iPad puts the world. The downside is the cost, around three times the cost of the kindle and if you don't have wifi at the facility you will also need a 3G service. Caution with the iPad and any ereader, none fair well when dropped and their portability make them easy targets for theft, as with all valuables, they should be kept under lock and key.


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