My Favorite Post of the Year: Things I Plan To Do When It’s My Turn To Live in A Nursing Home

  • Give ’em hell
  • Knit
  • Hang out on the patio from Spring through Fall
  • Attend every off-campus trip available
  • Read
  • Write
  • Join, or start, the International Association of Nursing Home Residents
  • Sit in the lobby and watch the people come and go, while knitting
  • Attend the Classic Rock and R&B performances in therapeutic recreation
  • Take a survey course in world religion by attending services of every denomination
  • Watch all the movies I’ve missed
  • Eat chocolate every day, just like I do now
  • Teach people about nursing homes from the resident perspective

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Post of the Year: Things I Plan To Do When It’s My Turn To Live in A Nursing Home”

  1. Great post! Have any recommendations for any blogs from the perspective of someone in a nursing home? I'd love to check them out.

  2. Thanks, AccuNurse. For the resident perspective, you could check out the blog posts by Kathleen Mears at Long Term Living Magazine (, and read the blog in my right sidebar called Straw Flowers (

  3. Dr. El,

    I have been trying to think of more things that I would like to do when I'm in a nursing home since your last blog on this. I probably will continue to do many of the things I do now. (as Recreation Director)
    – Take photos of everyone and give them to each individual.
    – Fix photos of loved ones that are damaged or faded.
    – Start a quilting circle. I will design the quilts and have others do the dirty work; piecing and quilting. We will raffle the quilts and make money for the resident council or some other deserving non-profit organization.
    – I will continuously search the internet for funny jokes to make people laugh. (Of course, I will have to read the jokes; I can't remember jokes now and chances are my memory wont be any better in thirty years.)
    – Skype (You gave me the idea.)
    – Help others Skype.
    – Visit residents less fortunate then myself, talking or reading to them.

    I could probably think of more, but this is sounding a bit too much like work.


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