I Want To Be A Cool Old Lady

I tend to think of myself as an 85-year old woman, sitting in my nursing home room, reflecting back on my life. It’s an occupational hazard, but one I’m happy about. I take the long view of things, and have embarked on adventures now because I don’t want to be regretful later. The hours I’ve logged talking to old folks, my teachers, have made a huge impact on me. Some people are inspirational, some are cautionary tales, but I learn something from everyone with whom I come into contact.

For me to be a cool old lady, there are certain things I’d like to have accomplished by the time I reach my 85th year, or at least to have tried my darnedest. I’d like to have maintained a good marriage and to raise my child to become a happy, decent, confident person. I hope to show up for the important people in my life without giving myself away. I’m going to try to keep myself in shape and looking good “for a woman my age,” whatever the age, and to feel comfortable with the age I’m at. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but traveling even more would make me cooler. I want to publish at least one book, a goal I’ve had since I learned to read. I’d like to spread the word about what I’ve learned working in nursing homes so when I move into one, I can live the difference I’ve made.

5 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Cool Old Lady”

  1. Eleanor, I can't imagine you'd be anything other than a "cool old lady!"

    We are the lucky ones, working with the elderly. Not only do we go through our own life's lessons, we have the benefit of learning from those who came before us. I believe I am all the better for it.

    I like that you are spreading the word about what you've learned working in nursing homes, when I move into one, I will live the difference you have made.

    We'll have to touch base in a half century or so to discuss how cool we are!

  2. I want to be a cool old lady, too!! No grouchy curmudgeon here!! I want to laugh and still have fun when I'm in my 90's!! I want to live in a nursing home that you helped to make a better place, too! 🙂

    (from Senior Safari–this is my new Blogger ID)

  3. Hopefully by then, Sue and Barbara, all nursing homes will be wireless and we'll be able to compare notes via the web. I expect we'll all be Resident Council Presidents.

  4. Senior Homes, I don't doubt that finding a good match in terms of a senior living environment is important, but I do think residents need a fair amount of help in making the most of their new home.


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