What Baby Boomers Will Look For in Nursing Homes

  • Customer Service — Boomers will expect service more like a hotel than a hospital. For more on this, see my post Less Hospital, More Hospitality.
  • Better food — They’ll want healthier food, with a greater selection, tastefully presented, in a pleasant atmosphere, and served by people who have the time and attitude to make meals a pleasurable experience.
  • Computer Access — They’ll prefer a wireless facility, with computers adapted for disability.
  • Outdoor Space — Boomers will expect to go outside in all sorts of weather, at all times of the day, onto an attractive patio. They’ll want to sign out of the facility AMA (against medical advice) rather than have to rely on others to go off-campus.
  • Quiet Areas — A serene place within the facility to be away from the bells, buzzers, phones and alarms will be well-received.
  • Mobility — Boomers will take the risk of falls in order to maintain their mobility and independence as long as possible. They won’t care about the facility’s falls policy.
  • Motorized Wheelchairs and other adaptive devices — Knowing how much technology is out there, boomers will seek devices that improve their lives, and they’ll create what they need if it doesn’t already exist.

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9 thoughts on “What Baby Boomers Will Look For in Nursing Homes”

  1. Sounds perfect for me!!

    As for the 'Better Food'–how about good down-home cooking instead of those fancy-schmancy french cuisine recipes???!!

  2. I look forward to the positive impact of boomers and others. These are more expectations:

    1) Input in decision making

    2) Intergenerational activities

    3) Opportunities for community service

    4) Provisions for private conjugal visits

    5) Recreational activities that really enrich

    6) Cultural diversity among staff and residents

    7) Consistent and knowledgeable staff

    8) Energy efficient facilities

  3. Perhaps, BBB, they can have a fancy-schmancy and a down-home option for each meal. I like both. I'd like a salad bar at every meal too.

    Great additions, Frances! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Boomers who live in NYC will want "take out."
    We will also want:
    -Movies on demand
    -A more home like environment with greater possiblities for personalization
    -If capable, the opportunity to take care of a pet
    -If incapable, the provision of pets in our environment
    -The ability to drink alcohol as desired

  5. Sue, you're inspiring me with your list. I'll add:

    — A secure credit card connected to our nursing home bank accounts so we can order things over the computer without requiring assistance from the social worker or a family member.

    — The opportunity to earn a few dollars to supplement our personal needs allowance by selling crafts or providing a service to our peers in the nursing home.

  6. Thanks, Anonymous, and stinebean, for your comments. I agree that boomers will be looking for tech support and other uses of technology, especially those that increase their independence, such as:

    — Remote controls for the air conditioners/radiators

    — The ability to open and close windows by remote control

    The aides will like this too.


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