What if psychologists ruled the (LTC) world… (McKnight’s LTC News)

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What if psychologists ruled the (LTC) world…

In the medically focused setting of long-term care, psychologists are mindful of the emotional environment. While most psychologists almost exclusively address the mental health of the residents due to the current reimbursement system, we’re also aware of the interactions between staff members, families, the physical setting and the organizational culture.

Here are some of the important things psychologists might do to address the emotional climate of long-term care:

  1. Every resident would be evaluated by the psychologist upon admission (just like other disciplines), because entry into long-term care can be very stressful.
  2. Every staff member would have access to the counseling services of an Employee Assistance Program, because working in LTC can be very stressful.
  3. Family members would be able to join regular educational groups so that they better understand the illness(es) of their loved one, how the treatment team works, and how to best manage their important role on the team.
  4. Administrators, department heads, charge nurses and others in managerial roles would be given management training so that they’d have the skills they need to lead those on their teams, because chances are they didn’t learn management strategies in school.
  5. Treatment teams would learn communication skills that enhance collaboration between disciplines and improve interactions with residents and families.
  6. All staff members would be trained in non-pharmacological approaches to dementia care, because the porter needs to know what to do too.

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What if psychologists ruled the (LTC) world…

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