Things I Plan To Do When It’s My Turn To Live In A Nursing Home

  • Give ’em hell
  • Knit
  • Hang out on the patio from Spring through Fall
  • Attend every off-campus trip available
  • Read
  • Write
  • Join, or start, the International Association of Nursing Home Residents
  • Sit in the lobby and watch the people come and go, while knitting
  • Attend the Classic Rock and R&B performances in therapeutic recreation
  • Take a survey course in world religion by attending services of every denomination
  • Watch all the movies I’ve missed
  • Eat chocolate every day, just like I do now
  • Teach people about nursing homes from the resident perspective

10 thoughts on “Things I Plan To Do When It’s My Turn To Live In A Nursing Home”

  1. Eleanor, another great post. You made me smile!!! A friend was just telling me this a.m. how her elderly father would never go into "one of those places", but it really is all about perspective and owning our choices.
    Wherever you end up, let me know….because I want to be there with you 🙂
    Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents

  2. Dear Dr. El,

    Don't forget being President of the Resident Council, also, someone may want you to play Scrabble with them. You may have to keep score though, and if they become forgetful you may have to help them find the words.

    Share your chocolate, see what happens!

  3. Dr. El,

    I know your book, helping newly admitted residents integrate into the nursing home, should be coming out soon. I expect you will be busy autographing your latest editions!

  4. Dale, if we're not in the same nursing home, let's connect at the annual meeting of the International Association of Nursing Home Residents.

    Sue, if my Scrabble partner and I are forgetful, I'm sure the recreation therapist will help us modify the game so it's fun again. Regarding the book, my post-placement versions will undoubtedly add an invaluable dimension to my work.

  5. Dr. El,

    I discussed your blog (and a comment made to it elsewhere on the web) with some of my residents. The comment written was, " I won't be living in a nursing home. I will be living at home with homecare services in place."

    I asked how many of them had planned to be a nursing home, would you believe not one of them had expected to be in one? We then talked about things they liked (and like) to do and how to make the best of being in long term care. It was evident by our discussion that a light bulb went off in so many heads.

    Thank you for the article and the inspiration, I believe you made a difference in several people's lives.

  6. Eva, I'll meet you at the 80s parties. Will you come to the Woodstock celebration with me? I'll be the one in the tie-dyed t-shirt.

    Sue, what a great idea to use the post and comment to generate discussion among the residents! Interesting that not one person had expected to be in a nursing home. You helped them think about making the most of their Plan B (or C or D).

  7. Really funny! Don't forget about the group games that you can play like cards or scrabble. I'm actually afraid of living in a nursing home one day but you made it seem like it's fun!


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