Reflecting on injustices in LTC

In the last few weeks, mass protests against racism have led to wider recognition of racial injustices in our country, with alterations in policing procedures, removal of Confederate statues and a rethinking of corporate norms. I’ve been reading about the systemic inequities in healthcare and reflecting on those in long-term care in particular. While I … Read more

Re-envisioning long-term care: A psychologist’s perspective

The pandemic has caused many of us to reflect on our lives, work and priorities. It’s also led to catastrophic losses and to greater public awareness of problems in our field. In the mental health world, we encourage people to try to learn and grow from tragedy. I hope we in the long-term care world … Read more

Celebrate Psychology Day on May 27

May 27 is Psychology Day and this year it’s a particularly timely moment to acknowledge the impact of psychology. Along with the physical and financial havoc wreaked by COVID-19, the pandemic has negatively affected mental health, especially for those in long-term care. Recognizing Psychology Day raises mental health awareness and is a means of expressing … Read more

8 reasons why, despite COVID-19, I’m still glad to work in long-term care

I’ve been a psychologist in long-term care for well over two decades and, while there have been some challenges to my enthusiasm over the years, I’ve remained largely content with my career direction. Despite distressing times of late, there are many reasons I continue to don my PPE to sit at the bedsides of those … Read more

Managing staff anxiety in the time of COVID-19

Much has changed in our lives and our facilities since my column two weeks ago on addressing residents’ coronavirus fears. Back then, residents, like the rest of us, were still receiving visitors and attending communal activities. In addition to its effect on residents, COVID-19 has put enormous stress on those who work in long-term care. … Read more

Addressing residents’ coronavirus fears

As the number of coronavirus cases increases around the world, providers may be worried about the emotional impact of the outbreak on residents and how to handle it. One would expect residents to be concerned, given that they’re at higher risk due to their ages, underlying health problems and residence in a communal setting. Rather … Read more

A look at Germany’s intriguing long-term care system

I was in Berlin, Germany, last week and did some research into their long-term care system during my visit. I was curious about how it might be different or similar to ours, given the country’s national healthcare program. Briefly, the German system has public and private healthcare insurance options and 100% of the population has … Read more