Something Good About Nursing Homes: Aid for Haiti

I recently heard about a nursing home that held a fundraiser to benefit survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. The home, with many Haitian residents and staff members, wanted a way to express their sadness and show support for their friends, coworkers, and the people of Haiti.

Residents baked cookies in their “Bakers’ Club” to donate to the sale. Staff members baked and bought food to contribute. For the raffle, the “Quilting Club” offered a beautiful quilt created over several months by numerous residents. A staff member contributed hand-beaded jewelry, and a community-donated framed photograph was also raffled off.
The amount of money raised was significant, but even more important was the opportunity for residents and staff to work together as a nursing home community for a greater cause.

2 thoughts on “Something Good About Nursing Homes: Aid for Haiti”

  1. Dr. El,
    Residents and staff members working together for a cause is a win/win situation on so many different levels for everyone involved. Very importantly, it shows staff and proves to the residents themselves, that while many of their needs must be met on a daily basis, they can remain contributing members of society.


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