Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes, 2nd Edition

When nursing home residents are evacuated from their facilities after any type of disaster, they typically move to another nursing home rather than to a public shelter.  They therefore miss the opportunity to speak with trained first responders who can help them address their emotional reactions to the experience.

Developed by psychologist Lisa M. Brown, PhD, and colleagues, the guidebook is based on the idea that, like medical first aid, anyone can be trained in psychological first aid techniques.  The Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes provides training information specific to the needs of nursing home residents, including those with dementia.

The guidebook is an incredibly valuable resource, generously made available for FREE, and worth the click.  A quick perusal of the table of contents will give you a sense of whether or not you and your staff members are prepared to help the residents in the event of a disaster.

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