People in LTC who’ve inspired me in 2017

Here’s my latest article on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News:


People in LTC who’ve inspired me in 2017

From the 102-year-old Hulk Hogan fan to the doting, selfless caregivers doing behind-the-scenes work, there are numerous people in long-term care who inspired me this year.

Take, for example:

•  The 102-year-old man, still remarkably handsome, whose favorite sport is professional wrestling and who recalls fondly the days of Hulk Hogan.

•  The personal companion I encountered dusting the framed family photos on the windowsill while the blind woman she cared for was taking a nap.

•  The new assistant administrator who stopped me in the hallway to introduce himself and who seemed genuinely interested in my response.

•  The nurses who immediately come up with a solution to a resident’s problem and then follow through with it. (“If he wants to be down at rehab early, we’ll have the night shift get him up before they leave.”) Hallelujah!

•  The housekeeper dedicated to controlling infection even though it’s been a tough year for her personally.

•  The legally blind 90-year-old woman who avidly follows the news and the music scene and has a strong opinion on everything. That Gaga is great, she says. The president is not.

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