Nursing Home Story (Dr. El Channels Dr. Seuss)


I was real happy and carefree and old
And I was enjoying the years they call gold
When one day I lost focus and I guess that I slipped.
All that I know is my health took a dip.

First was the visit to the medical center,
Where they poked me and prodded — they could have been gentler.
Then they sent me for rehab to regain my old gait.
If that would have happened, it would have been great.

Instead I’m now long-term and you know I’m not thrilled,
But they said I’ll get Medicaid and will never be billed.

My roommate’s a snorer and the aides call me “Hon.”
It’s hard to get outside to take in the sun.
I sit and I think of the things that I miss.
Never thought I would wind up in a place like this.

They sent me a shrink to inspect my poor mood.
I’d have sent her away, but didn’t want to be rude.
Now I find that she’s helping — it’s surprising to me.
She said there’s a reason things came to be.
I look forward to her visits and while I await,
I find some activities are unexpectedly great.

It’s not what I wanted; it just shouldn’t be,
But one thing life has taught me — it’s never easy.
I must learn to accept; I must learn to make do,
And find clever ways to live life anew.

So pay me a visit and you will soon see,
Life might be different, but inside I’m still me.

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