MORE Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

This post, along with last week’s and my Planning for the Holidays article, could be printed out and left for family members in a prominent location.  Think of it as your gift to every nursing home family.

To add to last week’s post on Holiday Gifts for Nursing Home Residents, here are more gift ideas from Dr. El at My Better Nursing Home to brighten the lives of loves ones in long-term care:
  • Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Kindle or other reader that allows for enlarging print
  • Cozy slippers or socks
  • Radio or portable audio player
  • Telephone and monthly service (if folks are going to call)
  • Sheets and pillow cases, for a homey touch
  • Dr. El’s book, The Savvy Resident’s Guide (worth a second mention!)
Great gifts from the heart:
  • Decorate the room for the holidays (electric candles only)
  • Go out to the movies
  • Go out to a restaurant, even if it’s just for coffee
  • Go on a holiday lights tour
  • Bring in your laptop to nursing homes with Internet access and make Skype calls to friends and relatives
  • Commit to doing the laundry on a weekly basis
  • Organize closets and dresser drawers

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