Mental Health in Nursing Homes: Dr. El speaks at Risk Management Conference

Where was I last week and why didn’t I update my blog as usual?  I was in Denver, speaking about Mental Health in Nursing Homes at the National Aging Services Risk Management conference sponsored by Caring Communities, Peace Church Risk Retention Group, and ECRI Institute.  I addressed the fact that facilities are exposing themselves to multiple risks if they aren’t providing appropriate mental health care, and I offered practical, low- or no-cost ideas on how to improve mental health treatment in long-term care settings.  The talk was recorded and will be available to ECRI Institute members at their website:  In their words: ECRI Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization that researches the best approaches to improving the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health in Nursing Homes: Dr. El speaks at Risk Management Conference”

  1. Dr. El,

    Many of us know the value of providing psychological services to our residents, I’m so happy to hear (and somewhat surprised) the importance of therapy is recognized by those in risk management.

    Your talk is available to ECRI members, will it be available for purchase by non-members? If so, how can we get it?

    • Sue, I was glad to see the recognition of the importance of mental health services for residents by the risk management community. I’m looking into the possibility of the ECRI talk being available to non-ECRI members and will get back to you on that. Thanks for your interest.


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