Improving your customer service for the holidays (McKnight’s LTC News)

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Improving your customer service for the holidays

As the holiday season draws near, more families will be passing through your doors to visit their loved ones at your facility. Out-of-town relatives will be making annual trips and locals will be taking the children to see Grandma during school breaks. This is an ideal time to provide extra services that showcase your high level of care and make the season more pleasant for families and residents.

You’re the experts when it comes to eldercare – most of the families are going through this for the first time. Show your commitment to customer service by giving families the guidance they need to make the most of season.

Here are some ideas:

1. Provide info on planning time with loved ones

Let families know in advance not just about your visiting hours, but also about how to schedule passes home. Which staff members do they need to talk to about taking Grandma out of the facility? What arrangements should they make regarding transportation? Do they need to be giving medication and if so, what kind of training is required and who will be providing it and when?

Write this all down for them and put it on your website or newsletter and/or have an info sheet with holiday information at the front desk. Add an option to your telephone menu with frequently asked questions about visits and passes.

2. Suggest new rituals

People often have difficulty imagining ways to celebrate the holidays other than in the family tradition. They may need your help envisioning possibilities that take into account illness and a long-term care stay. If the family home isn’t wheelchair accessible, families can create new traditions such as enjoying an accessible local restaurant, or they can keep it simple and go out for a manageable coffee and dessert.

If Grandpa isn’t well enough to leave the facility for a celebration, suggest alternatives such as bringing food to him in his room or reserving a common area for an hour. Let families know your dietary staff is available to discuss appropriate foods and that the kitchen staff is ready to reheat leftovers or to puree or chop as needed. Suggest foods that are already pureed or chopped such as mashed potatoes or pureed soups to minimize the feeling of missing out on something.

3. Offer communication tips

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Improving your customer service for the holidays


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