Grey’s Anatomy Promotes Awareness of Limb Loss

Many nursing home residents have experienced an amputation, an issue that’s often under-addressed both in the facility and in the media.  (Limb loss should, but doesn’t always, trigger a referral for psychological services or other support.)  Grey’s Anatomy has been working with The Amputee Coalition to make their portrayal of a character with an above knee amputation as realistic as possible.  Tonight, 11/29/12, they plan to air a public service announcement about The Amputee Coalition to raise awareness about the resources available to amputees and their families.  For more information about the collaboration between the coalition and the show, click here.  To read more about Grey’s Anatomy and its characters, click here.  Watching or discussing the show with residents could be an opportunity to recognize their concerns about limb loss and to consider what other support they might need.


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