Election Results (A Brief Anecdote)

Mrs. Thomas was nervous on Monday, talking about the election and how the results would affect her and the rest of the country.

“I spoke to my sister and she decided to vote for him,” she told me.  “I was so surprised.  I’ve been voting the same way all my life and I’m not going to change now that I’m in my eighties.  No!” She thumped her hand on her armrest.  “I believe what I believe!  And if my man wins tomorrow, I’m going to lock my wheelchair, pull up my walker, stand up and say, “Hallelujah!”  She smiled at me.  “And then I’m going to grab you, Doctor, and give you a big hug around the waist!”


5 thoughts on “Election Results (A Brief Anecdote)”

  1. NIce! Unfortunately, I ran into mostly residents who were feeling disinfranchised and disinterested. My previous facility was much more political, the two I am in now seem a bit off the grid.

    • It’s interesting, Victoria, how varied the environments in different nursing homes can be, and how much they can become their own world separate from the things going on outside their doors. The day after 9/11, I went to the facility I worked in a few miles from Ground Zero and one of the residents told me, “That doesn’t affect me. It’s happening so far away.” That evening I had to show ID to military officers in order to get onto my block because it was in the zone closed to the public. The next day I skipped the nursing home and volunteered at a 9/11 counseling center where they needed me more. On the other hand, I’ve seen nursing home residents collect donations for world causes like the earthquake in Haiti and I hope and expect we’ll see more of that.


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