“Dementia Village” in the Netherlands (video)

Many readers are familiar with people with dementia who want to “go home” when staff members leave at the end of their shifts or who “shop” for belongings in the drawers of other residents. It can be challenging for staff to redirect individuals intent upon leaving and upsetting for the people who are being prevented from going where they want to.  “Shopping” is likely to irritate those whose dressers are being ransacked, creating ill will between neighbors on the floor.

In the Netherlands, a facility called Hogewey or “Dementia Village,” has created an entire town set up for residents with severe dementia. They’re encouraged to wander and shop and can spend the afternoon outside, coming home at the end of the day. Their homes have different lifestyle themes, such as culture or crafts or religion, increasing the chances that elders will be living with others that share their interests.

Below is a video from CNN about Dementia Village:


Dementia Village

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