The Nursing Home Podcast: Discussing the Impact of Covid-19

I took off my PPE mid-day last week to have an interesting LinkedIn Live talk with Shmuel Septimus of The Nursing Home Podcast. We discussed mental health, the impact of Covid-19 on nursing facilities, the need for LTC leaders to garner community support for their beleaguered staff members and why I like my job so … Read more

8 reasons why, despite COVID-19, I’m still glad to work in long-term care

I’ve been a psychologist in long-term care for well over two decades and, while there have been some challenges to my enthusiasm over the years, I’ve remained largely content with my career direction. Despite distressing times of late, there are many reasons I continue to don my PPE to sit at the bedsides of those … Read more

Grim but unwavering: Notes from the COVID-19 epicenter

I live in New York City, the COVID-19 epicenter of the U.S. There are long lines for the few open supermarkets, the parks are closed and the nursing homes in New York are now mandated to accept COVID residents from local hospitals. I’m in touch with psychologist colleagues from around the area. Some facilities have … Read more

Managing staff anxiety in the time of COVID-19

Much has changed in our lives and our facilities since my column two weeks ago on addressing residents’ coronavirus fears. Back then, residents, like the rest of us, were still receiving visitors and attending communal activities. In addition to its effect on residents, COVID-19 has put enormous stress on those who work in long-term care. … Read more

Addressing residents’ coronavirus fears

As the number of coronavirus cases increases around the world, providers may be worried about the emotional impact of the outbreak on residents and how to handle it. One would expect residents to be concerned, given that they’re at higher risk due to their ages, underlying health problems and residence in a communal setting. Rather … Read more

A resolution to serve physical and mental health

A resolution to serve physical and mental health Ah, January — a moment to consider plans and directions for the upcoming months. Like many people, one of my personal goals is to recommit to mindful eating and wise food choices. While some residents like to rethink their diets as a New Year’s resolution, there are … Read more

Getting ‘hygge’ with it, at the holidays and year-round

Getting ‘hygge’ with it, at the holidays and year-round I know, I know, that’s not how the word is pronounced. But as soon as I read about the Danish concept of coziness, I got that darn Will Smith song (“Gettin Jiggy With It”) in my head and I can’t get it out. Hygge (actually pronounced … Read more

The Minister for Loneliness in LTC

The Minister for Loneliness in LTC According to researcher Julianne Holt-Lunstad of Brigham Young University, loneliness has a greater impact on health than smoking 15 cigarettes daily, or obesity, which is associated with 300,000 to 600,000 deaths a year in the United States alone. In England, the “loneliness epidemic” has reached such proportions that they’ve … Read more