Caring for the Ages: Long-Term Care May Call For Substance Abuse Care

I’m on the front cover of the October 2010 issue of Caring for the Ages, published by the American Medical Directors Association. The lead article, quoting me, focuses on the need for substance abuse treatment within nursing homes.

For those interested in more on this subject, please see my post, Why Every Nursing Home Should Host Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.

5 thoughts on “Caring for the Ages: Long-Term Care May Call For Substance Abuse Care”

  1. Dr. El,

    Congratulations! I imagine it's quite an accomplishment to be featured on the cover and to be quoted in a national publication.

    I would like to make AA meetings available for the residents in our facility and will share both your blog and the article with my administrator.

  2. Congratulations!

    Honestly, I never even thought about this. They're in a controlled environment, so why would substance abuse be an issue? But you're absolutely right. Just because they can't abuse the substance doesn't mean they're recovering. It just means they're suffering more because they can't use the substance to cope like they did before.

    Thank you for expanding my brain once again.

  3. Thanks, Sue! I hope my work translates into help for your residents.

    K. Tree, for many alcoholics who became sober upon admission, it's like trying to cope with a major trauma without their best friend. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I am currently the Director of Nursing and we have been offering 12 Step Meetings in our facility for almost a year now. We currently have 1 meeting a week each Monday and another the last Wednesday evening of each month. Although we aren't your traditional LTC facility; almost 50% of my residents are mentally ill and under 55, we have had a tremendous response to the program and have seen drug seeking behavior decrease dramatically. This was a pet project of mine and felt it was sorely needed. I have participated in a program of recovery for almost 15 years and know first hand the benefits.
    Thanks for getting this much needed topic out there.

    David R.

  5. David, thanks for sharing your experience. So great to hear that 12 Step meetings have helped with a group of residents many would consider particularly challenging. Are your meetings open to the community, or are they just for residents?


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