Amazon Review #1 of The Savvy Resident’s Guide

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In the spirit of not hiding the light of The Savvy Resident’s Guide under a bushel, I’ve decided to post the Amazon reviews of the book here on the blog.  As the author, I can tell you that new and long-time residents, staff, and family members have loved the tone of the book, found it very helpful and said they’ve learned a lot from reading it, but here’s a chance to hear it from the readers themselves:

Thank you Dr. El for such a great resource guide!

by Susan Samek

Whether you have been newly admitted to a nursing home (for short term rehabilitation or a long term stay) or have been in one for some time, Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera gives useful, straightforward suggestions to make life less stressful in a nursing home. I particularly enjoy her sense of humor and use of vignettes to illustrate her points. The “Savvy Resident’s Guide” provides vital information into the workings and understanding of how things are done in a nursing home. The book is not only an excellent resource for the resident, but for the family or anyone who needs to gain insight into life in a nursing home. …And, it is in large print!

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  1. There could not be a more pertinent book out today, when you consider that the boomers and post boomers are now suddenly and sadly facing the very real circumstances of seeing their loved (or in some cases, not so loved) ones through completely unchartered territory. So much help is needed here, and most of us would not even know what questions to ask. Thank you Dr. El, for getting ahead of the curve on this one.


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