7 employee wellness ideas for the holidays (and beyond)

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7 employee wellness ideas for the holidays (and beyond)

After a staff training on reducing burnout in long-term care last week, a look through the evaluation forms was illuminating. A significant number of attendees — mostly nursing aides, nurses, and environmental workers — wrote that the most valuable point they got from the training was how important it was to take time for themselves, even if it was for just a few minutes.

Apparently the 10-minute meditation we practiced using an app on my smartphone made a big impression on them. What struck me was how novel that experience was for them.

With frequent callouts and turnover rates troublingly high (50% for nurses and 51.5% for aides, according to a 2012 AHCA report), working short-staffed seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It means workers are being stretched ever thinner and being pulled in many directions by the needs of their residents.

With the holidays upon us, staff members have extra duties at home — gifts to purchase, parties to plan and attend, and special foods to cook.

By this time in December, your workers are probably maxed out.

This is a great opportunity to show that you’re thinking of them and that you recognize how stressful the holidays can be. It’s also a good way to prevent the staff burnout that leads to callouts, resignations and injuries.

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7 employee wellness ideas for the holidays (and beyond)

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