4 Ways Psychology Can Improve Your Bottom Line (Long-Term Living Mag online)

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It’s common knowledge that mental health and physical health are connected, but are you aware that applying mental health concepts to your organization could save you money? Observe the four theories below and my hypothetical long-term care scenarios. Who knows, this could be you.

1. Take a tip on workplace behavior from industrial-organizational psychology.

The nurse searched through the file drawer for a Consultation Form, flipping through one torn, faded manila folder after another. “I don’t have time for this now!” she said to no one in particular, eyeing a stack of paperwork at the nursing station. “I’ll get it on the way back from lunch.”

But the afternoon brought a new admission, and the referral never occurred. This didn’t escape the notice of the state surveyors, who cited it as a deficiency. The missed referral also resulted in a downturn in the health of the resident, who required a readmission to the hospital. Her family later filed a lawsuit for negligence.

The nurse, visiting Starbucks while searching for a new job, watched the barista prepare her coffee drink. All his equipment was in reach and clearly labeled. With a few movements, her drink was set on the counter for pick up—the same way it’s done in every Starbucks everywhere. She sighed. If only that Consultation Form had been within reach….

Borrow franchise-like organization systems to streamline functioning, with standardized tools in standardized locations, facilitating movement of staff between facilities and from unit to unit, which cuts time spent on repetitive tasks. Five minutes per staff member spent searching for a pantry key, a syringe or some clean linens quickly adds up, even if they don’t contribute to a citation, hospital readmission or lawsuit. Get organized and save yourself a bundle.

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  1. Absolutely! Great article, and great ideas on how we could contribute to long term care. It’s unfortunate when people believe psychologists are only there to deal with anxiety, depression and behavioral challenges. We can be doing so much more as consultants.


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