Talks & Workshops for Family Members

Facilitating the Transition to the Nursing Home   How to Become a Member of the Treatment Team   How to Advocate for your Loved One   Creating an Effective Family Council   How to Choose a Nursing Home   Celebrating Holidays in a Nursing Home   Discussing Illness, Dying, and Big Decisions   Making a … Read more

It’s time to start a blog.

Every day as a psychologist in long term care, I make small improvements in the lives of the residents I work with, but there is so much that could be done on a larger scale.  I’m hoping this blog will provide a venue for radical change, sharing ideas between nursing homes and their people — … Read more

Talks & Workshops for Staff

For All Staff: Team-Building, One Unit at a Time Working with Aggressive Residents Reducing Iatrogenic Depression How to Conduct Effective Resident Council Meetings Helping Mentally Ill Residents Communicating with Residents to Increase Cooperation How to Conduct Behavioral Rounds   For CNAs: How to Make Your Job More Manageable Psychological Tools for Resident Cooperation   For … Read more