The Savvy Resident’s Guide reviewed by the Happy Dietitian

I’m pleased to share this review of The Savvy Resident’s Guide by the Happy Dietitian: A foodie at heart with a passion for nutrition.  Thank you, Wendy!

Medical Staff, Stop With the Candy Crush and Read This Book

savvy resident guide

Don’t let the cover and title fool you, this book isn’t just for residents’ of nursing homes. The entire health care industry as well as the public would benefit from reading this book. Why?

The elderly residing in long-term care is estimated to reach 4.4 million by 2040. That means most of us will visit a relative or stay at a LTC facility in the foreseeable future. Some may be admitted for short term rehab-post knee replacement, hip replacement, injury, stroke, etc. and others move in permanently. There’s a huge stigma attached to nursing homes, which is a barrier that is stopping people from seeking help. From my experience, most nursing homes with good ratings and/or Joint Commission accreditation are actually pretty awesome.

Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera has over 15 years experience as a nursing home psychologist. Her blog,My Better Nursing Home is a great resource for the health industry. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. El (as we call her) back in New York and I can always count on her to offer us insight to take better care of our residents. Her in-services were always enjoyable because of her charisma and sense of humor. I thought I’d add Dr. El’s dedication page below.


The vignettes between Dr. El and the residents were my personal favorite.

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