4 Ways Psychology Can Improve Your Bottom Line (Long-Term Living Mag online)

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5 Secrets Your Line Staff Doesn’t Want You To Know (in Long-Term Living Magazine Online)

Check out my latest article, featured in Long-Term Living Magazine Online: Click-clack. Click-clack. The administrator’s shoes made a sound distinctly different than the rubber-soled heels of the nursing staff, alerting everyone to a foreign presence. Forced smiles and stiff greetings ensued. As the elevator doors closed, and the administrator disappeared behind them, the line staff … Read more

10 Anticipated Psychosocial Needs of Baby Boomers: Dr. El in Long-Term Living Mag

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Setting Boundaries with Residents, Nursing Home Magazine, March 2004

Setting Boundaries With Residents   by Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD   Becoming close to residents, but not too close, takes wisdom   “Can you do me this one small favor?” Estelle H. asked, looking up at her aide imploringly. “Can you get me a birthday card to send to my granddaughter?” Ms. Skinner sighed, thinking … Read more

Managing Resident Requests for Help, Nursing Homes Magazine, Oct 2003

Managing Resident Requests for Help By Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD   The Shouters, the Constant Call Bell Ringers and the Complainers don’t have to be that way—you can reshape their behavior   Once, when I was new to a facility, I came up to the second floor to find a resident, named Paula, shouting “Nurse, … Read more