Interview with Brenda Torres, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist

At the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CNR) in Brooklyn, New York, Recreation Director Brenda Torres, has established computer stations with Internet connection in all the “neighborhoods,” as they call their units, and has several groups currently being run by the residents themselves. I believe both of these steps are essential for the emotional health … Read more

Knock, Please

Regina and I were sitting alone in her room with the door closed. “I was thinking about John last night.”  Tears began to well in her eyes. “Yes?” I was immediately alert.  Regina had avoided discussing her husband’s death for the past three months of psychotherapy.   Suddenly the door opened and the day shift aide poked … Read more

Guest Blogger, Rosebud, age 97

97-year old Rosebud, whom I mentioned in my 11/15/08 post, was a social worker, raised two children, and now lives in a nursing home.  She would like to share with you the following thoughts about recreational activities: “Old folks know a lot and need to have their minds stimulated.  We residents can’t speak back and … Read more

The Critical Period in Nursing Home Placement

I couldn’t wait to go to college.  I was ready to shake off the old me, and begin a brand new self.  No one would know who I’d been, and I could therefore be whomever I wanted to be.   In my Psych 101 textbook, there was a picture of animal behaviorist Conrad Lorenz, followed … Read more

Setting Boundaries with Residents, Nursing Home Magazine, March 2004

Setting Boundaries With Residents   by Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD   Becoming close to residents, but not too close, takes wisdom   “Can you do me this one small favor?” Estelle H. asked, looking up at her aide imploringly. “Can you get me a birthday card to send to my granddaughter?” Ms. Skinner sighed, thinking … Read more

Managing Resident Requests for Help, Nursing Homes Magazine, Oct 2003

Managing Resident Requests for Help By Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD   The Shouters, the Constant Call Bell Ringers and the Complainers don’t have to be that way—you can reshape their behavior   Once, when I was new to a facility, I came up to the second floor to find a resident, named Paula, shouting “Nurse, … Read more