7 Things I Worry About in Advance of My Nursing Home Stay

7 Things I Worry About in Advance of My Nursing Home Stay

  • How I’m going to manage my lip balm addiction
  • Being cold in those flimsy cotton house dresses
  • Controlling my temper when staff members call me “Honey” in that high-pitched, patronizing tone
  • The mortifying trip from room to shower half-draped in a sheet (see “being cold” and “controlling my temper,” above)
  • How I’m going to get outside for fresh air, even in the winter
  • Getting dark, leafy greens in my salad
  • Internet access
One potential problem I’ve already solved:
  • Starbucks VIA

9 thoughts on “7 Things I Worry About in Advance of My Nursing Home Stay”

  1. Geney, yes, I'm familiar with the Green House Model, and have worked in nursing homes that have incorporated elements of the Eden Alternative to varying degrees. The more elements it had, the better I liked it.

  2. Sue, Starbucks VIA is basically instant coffee, but it tastes like a regular cup of Starbucks coffee. Those of us who prefer a strong cup of coffee that reminds us of a cafe will be able to open a packet, pour in some hot water, and indulge. Of course, it would be nice if Starbucks opened concessions in nursing homes, but all that caffeine might pose a problem for the residents — and those prices, with a Personal Needs Allowance of $50/month! Still, a gourmet coffee hour, with decaf offered, could be a popular activity for a certain demographic.

  3. Although I'm sure they are nothing like Starbucks' coffee, we have served a variety of international coffees as a refreshment in some of our entertainment programs.

  4. hahaha I would have the very same worries…

    Thanks, Dr. El.

    P.S. I like your new profile photo. It's great!


  5. Dr. El,

    My biggest fear is being cold, it's a problem for me now, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I'm 90. My second biggest fear is tea that's not hot enough. The woman who sued McDonalds for her coffee being too hot ruined hot beverages for us all. Also, I want to drink my tea out of a ceramic mug. I never thought I would have to worry about Internet access, I just assumed it would be available. Now, I'm worried!

  6. I bet you won't have to worry about internet access. We have it at our facility and we are out in Boonieland.

    And yes, Starbucks VIA is delish. Even out of a plastic mug.

  7. Doris & Sue, glad to know I'm not alone in my worries!

    K. Tree, I"m not in the boonies and Internet access for residents is a challenge in many facilities. If the problem isn't resolved by the time it's my turn, I'll look for a nursing home next to a Starbucks.


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